Want my opinion? Go ahead and ask!

I’m not a therapist or a preacher, an expert or even a specialist. I’m just a mom who writes an opinion column that makes people think.

I’ve never tried to give advice, but even in spite of that, people often find advice hidden within my opinions. So I’ve gotten lots of requests from my readers to offer a place where they can vent, get some feedback, or maybe just get a dope slap to adjust their attitude.

What you’ll get here are honest, blunt, and practical opinions from someone who’s dealing with most of the same things you’re dealing with every day. We can talk about whatever you want—kids, marriage, work, parenthood— so ask away!

My only request is that you keep it semi-clean and remember that I’m fielding all your questions in between writing my weekly column, switching loads of laundry, picking up my kids, cooking, cleaning, exercising, unloading groceries, and walking the dog. So be gentle.

Type whatever’s on your mind in the box below and I’ll give you my opinion.


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  1. Hi Lisa. I just wanted to say that I loved the article about not manufacturing friendships!! It was perfect timing for me to see it because just this morning I was in a place where my heart was breaking because of friendship situations. I’m probably making way too much of it and completely over analyzing it. You know, why isn’t this friend reaching out or that friend texting back?!! I try to remember that some of my best friends today I made later in life and my girls will do the same. You’re a great writer!

    • Hey Angela. Thanks so much for the feedback. I’m so glad you enjoyed the column and that it helped give you a little comfort. Feel free to share it.

      Friendship is such a slippery slope. It can slide one way and then the other right under your feet and when you least expect it. But life has a funny way of connecting all of us with the people we’re supposed to be with. We just have to remember that it never happens as quickly as we’d like it to happen.

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