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Lisa Sugarman summer 2015 (3)Welcome to the online home of the nationally syndicated GateHouse Media newspaper column It Is What It Is. I’m Lisa Sugarman and I’m the author of It Is What It Is.

Who the hell am I? Exactly. Who the hell am I and what could you possibly get out of reading my column?

Nothing. Or everything. It really depends. It Is What It Is is nothing more than my opinion of whatever’s on my mind right here and now.

I’ve been a writer most of my life, writing for a number of Boston-area newspapers, several print & online magazines, and various marketing and publishing companies in and around the Boston area. I’m a very simple, small-town girl who loves to write and loves to tell it like it is.

Most people who follow my column say they read it because it sounds like I’m having a conversation with them from a bathroom stall. And that’s why they like it.

I’m direct. I’m opinionated. I’m emotional. I’m fair. Some say I’m funny. (I like them.) And I’ve got an incredibly long stream of consciousness with more or less a black hole of opinions on everything from life to religion to parenting to relationships to mental and physical health and everything in between.

I’m a mom. I’m a wife. I’m a columnist. I’m also umpteen other things, including the author of the Boston Globe Local Bestseller LIFE: It Is What It Is, but you’ll have to do a little digging to find out anything more than that. So read on. I’m glad you’re here.


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4 thoughts on “About Lisa

  1. This weeks column
    I think the 2 weeks in Hawaii for a 50th birthday Michelle Obama received counts as mom time off

  2. Lisa I am so happy for you and the success of your very funny and day to day life book. My husband and I are moving to Florida in a couple of weeks with Whole Foods ( I am going to be a full time granma for the first time after 7 grandkids)in a brand new store on the beach in Destin Fla and I want to wish you much luck and great success and it was a great pleasure to meet you, please call on me if you are ever in the Destin area

    • Hi Sandy! So great to hear from you. Your move and your grandkids sound fantastic! Though I’ll miss seeing you in Swampscott. But FL is lucky to have you. I still can’t thank you enough for taking a chance on me last year. Because of you championing my book to Whole Foods, I was able to take my book to another level altogether. And I’m truly grateful. Coincidentally, my new publisher out of CA is also the CEO of America West Books, the wholesaler responsible for all of Whole Foods’ books…so I’m hopeful that you’ll see my new book series in your FL store somewhere down the line.

      All the best, Sandy. Keep in touch!

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