An open letter to the Human Race about this Ashley Madison bulls**t.

Dear Human Race,

W! T! F?!

I’m sorry, but a pretty big segment of you have hit an all-time low.

For the last forty-seven years of my life, I’ve watched you get away with some pretty vile stuff. Stuff that’s made me disappointed and ashamed to be part of you–like war and poverty, crime and famine, terrorism and hate.

At the same time, though, you’ve also proven that you have such incredible beauty inside and out and the capacity to nurture and love and create joy. That’s what really gets me. It’s like you have a split personality and the insensitive, reckless side of you has become the dominant side.pi7Kp7ebT

But I’ve always given you the benefit of the doubt that one day, you’d quit being your own worst enemy and start getting it right for a change. That one day, you’d realize that all the bad choices you make and the negativity you project just doesn’t suit you.

Sadly, today was not that day.

When 30 million people get busted for cheating on their spouses on the same day, there are no words for the depth of disgust that I feel for those 30 million of my “sisters and brothers.”

I mean, 30 million people is like the size of a small planet, for Christ’s sake. That’s shameful.

I always thought you were smarter than that. Or at least my fingers were crossed that you were.

I mean, we don’t all learn how to ride a bike on the same day, right? So maybe we needed to travel this far through human evolution until we all developed the capacity to simultaneously wake the f**k up out of our little self-centered bubble and started regularly making good choices. I don’t know.

And I was really pulling for us, too. I mean, after all, I’ve got two kids moving  their way through The System, so I’ve got a real vested interest in humanity getting it right in the near term.

It’s beyond my capability as a soccer mom to understand how a company with a slogan like Life is short. Have an affair can exist and thrive. I don’t get it. I mean, I do get it, but that’s only because I’m used to watching so many people consistently doing stupid things on the news, over social media, and in my own tiny little community.ashley-madison

To be honest, knowing that a company like Ashley Madison is actually being run under the guise of a legitimate business really makes me feel like I might throw up in my mouth.

See, I’m literally days away from sending my daughter off to college. So how the hell can I possibly launch my kid out into a society where, on any given Wednesday, 30 million people get bagged for cheating? 

It’s madness.

I’m still an optimist, though, so I’m not giving up hope that we have the ability to evolve to a better place. A place where fidelity and truth and loyalty and some version of Ward and June Cleaver’s values matter more than dollars and cents or an orgasm or a tab of acid.june_and_ward_cleaver_edited

So I say this to the 7.3 billion people out there in the world who still own the majority on good values…we can’t allow ourselves to be overpowered or outnumbered by idiots.

There’s still time for us to get it right.

But that means that, as a culture, we can’t tolerate companies who mock things like fidelity and monogamy on such a gross and pathetic level.

Please help me cut the s**t. Thank you for your support.

Your friend,

Lisa Sugarman


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