IT IS WHAT IT IS the book is coming!!!!!!!!


I’VE WRITTEN MY FIRST BOOK!!! LIFE: It is what it is. And I’ve just launched a campaign on KICKSTARTER.COM to FUND my project.


SO much of what I write is about YOU–my family and friends–so I’m inviting you to buy a piece of equity in the book. Pledge whatever amount you want, from $1 on up. Every dollar counts! Just click on the KICKSTARTER.COM link below and find out all the details. The campaign will run for 30 days, after which, if I hit my goal, the publishing process will begin. Funding is all or nothing, so if I don’t hit my goal, you’re not out a dime. Pledges are ONLY collected if I hit 100% of my funding goal.

Help me make Life: It is what it is a reality! Thanks for your support!


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